User friendly geek dating flowchart

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User friendly geek dating flowchart

Regardless, I think most people can agree that much of the innovation in recent game designs (for flow chart-type games, in particular worker placement-type games) focus on new implementations of central interactive mechanisms.Given particular actions of a flow chart being what they are, new games continue to invent original and exotic ways to trigger these particular actions.

In other words, calculating all the steps involved in my (and other players’) flow chart is boring per se; but using this information to leverage my decisions in the interactive part of the game (which actions to block in Agricola, which roles to take in Puerto Rico, how much to bid in an auction, etc.) is interesting.The flow chart of Antiquity has cycles, and these cycles give the players everything they will get in the game, and everything needed to keep these cycles going.This self-driving and self-sustaining nature gives the flow chart a simple charm and is almost environmentally thought-provoking.Instead of reinventing new ways to interactively drive a flow chart, Antiquity did away with the concept of a flow-chart driving mechanism altogether.Specifically, once a player has completed the flow chart requirement in Antiquity (built the corresponding building and manned it with a worker), he can always take that particular action without having to game another mechanism such as competing for worker placement spots, seeding a mancala wheel to a particular pit, etc. I have never enjoyed a flow chart in and of itself this much; and in truth, one pretty much has to enjoy the flow chart of Antiquity in order to enjoy Antiquity because that is almost all there is.My first explanation is that if a thing is presented to be fun by itself, then it is more likely to be fun by itself. For a long time, I did not enjoy coffee and to get myself to enjoy it, I would always order my coffee with milk, sugar, caramel flavoring, chocolate flavoring, etc.

What happens is that I would enjoy the milk and flavorings in spite of the coffee, and never the coffee itself.

One day, I went to a good coffee shop and ordered a cup of pure, black coffee; it was actually good and for the first time I enjoyed coffee for itself! It gives us a flow chart unattached to any central interactive mechanism, and asks us to enjoy the flow chart for itself. Since the flow chart of Antiquity exists by itself unattached to any central interactive mechanism, it must also drive and sustain itself.

What this means visually for the flow chart of Antiquity is that everything therein is a loop: everything that gives something must be built from something.

The following is my hand drawn flow chart of Antiquity.

Notice how everything that has an arrow coming out of it also has an arrow going into it, except for the “Start” circle indicating the starting wood the game gives to the players for jumpstarting the flow chart.

As the game draws to an end, taking a Settler for a plantation becomes less desirable; but the ability to do so remain, and doing so remains the only way to gain a plantation.

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