Validating form php

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Submitting a form with AJAX doesn't get any easier than this!Returns the value(s) of the element(s) in the matched set in an array.

This options allows you to use an existing iframe if you wish.The Match consists of phone contact between the parent seeking support and the Support Parent.Often, requests are focused on issues such as a child’s diagnosis or developmental stage; life activities such as recreation, childcare issues, or developing friendships; finding support in your area of the state; or sibling concerns.Parents contact us in search of a listening ear—another parent who has faced some of the same issues and concerns as they now face.This may be in response to a new diagnosis, a new challenge, or just to recharge their batteries.This is a common fallback technique, but it has inherent limitations.

The iframe element is used as the target of the form's submit operation which means that the server response is written to the iframe.

There is no special coding required to handle file uploads.

File input elements are automatically detected and processed for you.

When using this option the plugin will make no attempt at handling the response from the server.

Default value: Callback function to be invoked after the form has been submitted.

As of version .91, this method always returns an array. This method emptys all of the text inputs, password inputs and textarea elements, clears the selection in any select elements, and unchecks all radio and checkbox inputs. Callback function to be invoked before the form is submitted.

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