Volcanic ash used dating fossils

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Volcanic ash used dating fossils - dvd studio pro hangs updating connections

Complementary male and female systems must have completely and independently evolved at each stage at the exact same time and place.The millions of mechanical and chemical processes, as well as behavioral patterns and physical characteristics, would all need to be compatible. Codes and programs (DNA and the genetic code) are produced only by intelligence.

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Examples include the miniature and reliable sonar systems of dolphins, porpoises and whales; the frequency-modulated radar and discrimination system of bats; the aerodynamic capabilities and efficiency of the hummingbird; the control systems, internal ballistics and combustion chamber of the bombardier beetle; the precise and redundant navigational system of the arctic tern; and the self-repair capabilities of practically all forms of life.

"A mutation is a random change of a highly organized, reasonably smoothly functioning living body.

A random change in the highly integrated system of chemical processes which constitute life is almost certain to impair it - just as the random interchange of connections in a television set is not likely to improve the picture." James F.

All evidence points to "intelligent design," not random processes. All living species are fully developed, and their organs are fully developed.

There are no living lizards with scale-feathers, leg-wings, or 3-chambered hearts. All living creatures are divided into distinct types. Many different forms of life are completely dependent upon each other (symbiotic relationships).

The fossil record has been studied so thoroughly that it is safe to conclude that the alleged "gaps" or "missing links" will never be found. Since all members of these groups have survived, they must have come into existence simultaneously.

The only possible answer for their existence is "intelligent design". It is impossible to conceive of an evolutionary process that results in sexual reproduction.

Crow ( past Professor of Genetics, University of Wisconsin) 6.

Natural selection (or "survival of the fittest") actually prevents evolutionary change, it does not encourage it.

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Most dating techniques actually indicate that the earth is "young", not "old".

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