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Longtime Companion, And the Band Played On, Angels in America, etc).All of those movies are brilliant and important, but it's nice to have some fun.

The finest moments of this situational comedy occur when the Hat Sisters (Joel Brooks and Richard Riehle), a pair of cross-dressing, older lovers, are on screen cracking jokes and looking like Erma Bombeck.

I think that seeing more movies like this is an indication of where gay cinema - and the gay community - currently is.

That we are able to make fun movies that exist for no other reason than to entertain is a departure from the heavy, highly sociopolitical dramas that have dominated for much of the genre's history (i.e.

Watch it with friends as an alternative to hitting the bars one night.

I guess if you like films where 26 year old men act like 13 year old girls, this would be a great film.

--Trinie Dalton It's refreshing to see a lighthearted gay romantic comedy that delivers what it promises - a fun story with cute characters and plenty of light comedy.

Casting was done perfectly - while none of the characters requird Oscar-worthy performances, the cast members were well-suited for their roles.-Based on the popular cult comic strip by Eric Orner, published since 1990 -Loaded with laugh-out-loud bonus features Based on Eric Ormer's comic strip, The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green is an almost fluffy romantic comedy starring Ethan (Daniel Letterle), a gay man whose trials and tribulations amount to not much more than difficulties in dating and finding a rented apartment.Leo (David Monahan), Ethan's ex-boyfriend, is selling the house Ethan currently resides in, while Ethan enters a whirlwind romance with baseball fetishist, Kyle (Diego Serrano).The "Eating Out" series was perfectly stupid, badly acted, and, although it was loaded with naked pretty men (also acting a lot like teenage girls) was still more watchable.In the end, I looked up the illustrated novel that inspired it---and could see how it got an audience.One of the problems, many problems, I had with this film is that the lead Daniel Letterle---while handsome---plays the part with a reedy, whiny voice and a most unlikeable manner. I found myself wishing Davis Monaghan would get more screen time.