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This one's a really lovely video clip Guys - a full eight and a half minutes long ! This is a real nice video clip of a beautiful young "1970's Scuba Babe" wearing a classic Cressi Full Face Scuba Mask that so many of you seem to hold in high esteem.I've been told that most of those you see these days are silicone replicas but, of course, as you would expect from we will always do our best to only bring you 'the Real thing !

Tabata, now Tusa and heralding from Australia, proudly state they are one of the oldest diving supply company's still around today.Certainly, judging by the various items that we have carrying their brand name, they have every right to be that proud !Oh, I almost forgot, completing her scuba attire on this occasion is a very sexy, slinky, fishnet body stocking ! OK then "Subby-San" what have you got to say about this one ?Has left Julie again and now works in Weatherfield Council. Family: Lily Platt (daughter); Max Turner (adoptive son); Gail Rodwell (mother); Audrey Roberts (grandmother); Nick Tilsley (half brother); Sarah Platt (half sister); Bethany Platt (niece); Kylie Platt (deceased wife) (biological father); David Platt (adoptive father); Gail Rodwell (step-grandmother); Audrey Roberts (step-great-grandmother); Nick Tilsley (step-uncle); Sarah Platt (step-aunt); Bethany Platt (step-cousin) A (rich) bankrupt businessman who first appeared refusing to pay Owen Armstrong for work done and Owen robbed one of his motorcycles until he payed what he owed. A teenager who attends Bethany's school and bullies her at any chance she gets alongside her friends. Towards the end of her life, she committed suicide by taking a lethal overdose of her medication with Roy by her side. Burned down the Rovers Return in March 2013, killing Sunita Alahan and injuring himself and Stella in the process. Was arrested and got a life sentence (minimum 25 years) for murder and arson. In 2001, Peter Barlow revealed that Susan had lied and had actually had a son with Mike named Adam.Upon the discovery that Lauren had been bullying Bethany, the Platts fight tooth and nail to protect Bethany but Lauren persists takes any chance she can get to bully Bethany regardless of the situation. Was sent to prison in 2011 for armed robbery of a bank. Mike's rivalry with Ken flared up again when Susan died and the two men fought for custody of Adam.Died when faulty wiring on her hair dryer electrocuted her and started a fire in her home.

Portrayed by Christopher Harper, Nathan Curtis was the ex-fiancee of Bethany Platt and manager of a tanning salon but in reality he was a sociopath in charge of an abusive sex ring which focused on teenagers or young adults.

She was eventually expelled for her bullying after Bethany, multiple students and Lauren's own friends had reported her. Returned in the summer 2014 as 'The Landlord', dealing booze to Peter Barlow while Peter is inside. Surrogate mother of baby Jake Windass for Izzy Armstrong and Gary Windass. Was murdered by being battered over the head with a pipe by Rob Donovan and died from her injuries. Became the owner after Liz Mc Donald left, since her son Steve and daughter-in-law Becky couldn't be the licensees because of their criminal records. Left to go and live in New York City with a friend.. As he was getting older, Mike decided to bring in a partner: his nephew Danny Baldwin.

Was in prison in Manchester for lying in court but was released in April 2014. A recurring character during the 1960s era of the show, who would devise quick rich schemes through (mostly non legal) ways. Mike was a tenacious self-made man who got where he was by hard work and a lot of charm, not that he ever let anyone forget it.

Died when he drove a car with Gail, David and Sarah into a canal. Died in a car crash trying to run away from a custody fight with Mike.

Famously called 'Norman Bates with a briefcase' by Gail. Portrayed by Katie Heanneau, Wendy Jane Walker, Suzy Patterson and Joanna Foster. Mostly mentioned when Ken wants to manipulate Peter.. Ken's long suffering first wife and mother of Susan and Peter.

So, for you serious Frogwomen fans, please sit back and enjoy this delectable young Aquawoman, wearing her 'all black' Viking military rubber drysuit and her Ocean Reef 'Raptor' FFM, in moving format !

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