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I've got ideas for multiple albums going at the same time." A recent Jun 2017 interview illustrated further some of the diversity of Anderson's activities and the various ongoing projects.

But now I feel like that it is part of my DNA, and I can't stop wanting to create large-scale pieces of music that obviously have a very strong connection with Yes, because that's what I did with the band.

I wish them luck; it's not my idea of Yes, obviously.

My idea of Yes is "Open" [see below] and what I'm doing now. [...] I still have a great feeling about the future of my idea of Yes music.

I didn't leave the band, the band went off on their merry way when I wasn't very well. In a May 2016 interview, he referred to his own work, saying "Yes is not over yet". They've got the name, but I've got the state of mind about what true "Yes music" should sound like".

In a Jun 2016 interview, he said: "people ask me, "What do you think of Yes? In a Jan 2013 interview, Anderson was asked, "Will there ever be a chance at reconciliation with Yes that could result in a new tour, perhaps even a new Yes album? " He said more in this exchange from a Feb 2013 interview: Anderson: I wish [Squire]'d have called the band something else, it would have been more real, but bands do it, Journey carried on without their singer.

As for a full reunion should it be offered, though, he demurs. There's more on the relationship between Anderson and Yes on the Yes page here.

Anderson has been keen to tackle a substantial backlog of projects and musical ideas.I just need a few doors open." Anderson said in a Nov 2013 interview, "I think I'm working with about twenty different people at the moment, with twenty different projects." An Oct 2015 interview with Anderson said: I think the days of just going into a studio and making an album are not what I want to do anymore[.] I'm more interested in the adventure of free-form ideas.I know it sounds crazy, but I like it when you're not quite sure what you're gonna do until you get on stage. I've got this project coming up next year [2017] which encompasses that, the idea that music is more important than how many sell, or even the charts [...] after a while you've gone through that experience, all you want to do is create music without having to worry if people are gonna hear it.In an Aug 2016 interview, seemingly conducted in Jul or earlier, Anderson said, "I'd rather just do, sort of, ideas now and again. So what you do, you make music, you put it on the Internet and eventually people hear it, if they're interested.None of this going through a record company and hoping that they're going to promote it well, and so on and so on." Could this be a reference to the Zamran project (see below)?I helped to create these larger pieces of music.] That's one of the things I've learnt over the last five or six years to work with people via the internet.