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Many of the objects in the Wonder Woman Family Museum date to the nineteen-seventies, when DC Comics, which owns Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, was newly affiliated with Warner Bros. produced a Wonder Woman TV series, starring Lynda Carter, a former beauty queen. has made six Superman films and eight Batman films, but, to the consternation of Wonder Woman fans, there has never been a Wonder Woman film. There followed a flurry of comments about her anatomical insufficiency for the role.“It’s been said that you’re too skinny,” an interviewer told Gadot on Israeli television.

(Marston is often credited with inventing the lie-detector test, which is why Wonder Woman carries a magic lasso that makes anyone she ropes tell the truth.) He was also interested in another preoccupation of psychologists: sex, sexual difference, and sexual adjustment. He believed his study demonstrated that women are more emotional than men and that women’s emotions are often rooted in their sexuality (“there being a far greater number of adequate stimuli to sex-emotion in the female organism”). The Equal Rights Amendment, drafted by Alice Paul, was first introduced to Congress in 1923.Her hero was Mary Woolley, who lived for fifty-five years with Jeannette Marks, an English professor and an ardent suffragist. “It is a principle.” In 1916, Jeannette Rankin became the first woman elected to Congress, and Margaret Sanger and her sister Ethel Byrne, both nurses, opened the first birth-control clinic in the United States, in Brooklyn.(Sanger and Byrne founded what later became Planned Parenthood.) Byrne was arrested and, inspired by Pankhurst and her followers, went on a hunger strike that nearly killed her.The word “feminism,” hardly ever used in the United States before 1910, was everywhere by 1913. (On Paradise Island, Queen Hippolyte carves her daughter out of clay.) In these stories’ stock plots, men are allowed to live with women only on terms of equality, and, for that to happen, there has to be a way for the men and women to have sex without the women getting pregnant all the time.The suffrage movement had been founded on a set of ideas about women’s supposed moral superiority. The women in Gilman’s utopia practice what was called “voluntary motherhood.” “You see, they were Mothers, not in our sense of helpless involuntary fecundity,” Gilman wrote, “but in the sense of Conscious Makers of People.” At the time, contraception was illegal.It isn’t only that Wonder Woman’s backstory is taken from feminist utopian fiction.

It’s that, in creating Wonder Woman, William Moulton Marston was profoundly influenced by early-twentieth-century suffragists, feminists, and birth-control advocates and that, shockingly, Wonder Woman was inspired by Margaret Sanger, who, hidden from the world, was a member of Marston’s family.

Against Byrne’s wishes, Sanger, hoping to save her sister’s life, made a deal with the governor of New York; he issued a pardon for Byrne on the condition that Sanger promise that her sister would never again participate in the birth-control movement.[cartoon id="a18432"]Marston graduated from Harvard Law School in 1918; Holloway graduated from Boston University’s law school the same year.

(Harvard Law School did not admit women.) Women finally gained the right to vote in 1920. “Most of the terrible women one must meet, women with the blatant views and voices, women who have to be noticed, who shoulder one about, who can’t take life quietly, belong to this large percentage of women who have never made a sex adjustment,” Watson wrote in he reported on a series of tests that he and Holloway had conducted on ten men and ten women at Harvard between 19, while Holloway was pursuing a graduate degree in psychology at Radcliffe.

At the time, women were denied the right to serve on juries in thirty-one states.

At American University, Marston and Holloway conducted a series of experiments whose findings, he said, demonstrated that women are more reliable jurors than men: “They were more careful, more conscientious and gave much more impartial consideration to all the testimony than did the male juries.” Marston was fired from American University, after he was arrested for fraud, in connection with some business dealings.

In a statement to the press, she called attention to the number of women who die during abortions.

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